Bay of Bones

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The museum on water, otherwise known as Bay of Bones, is an archeological complex located at the excavation site of Ploca Micov Kamen, near Gradishte and Pestani along the Ohrid coast. An authentic reconstruction of the pile dwelling settlement, Bay of Bones is a very popular day trip and one of the most attractive destinations in Ohrid and Macedonia.

Bay Of Bones

Dating back between 1200 and 700 BC, the original prehistoric settlement occupied 8500 square meters. The Ohrid Lake, quite shallow around this period, allowed for a massive wooden structure to be erected above the water, considered by many as one of the largest prehistoric palafittes.

Bay of Bones is a partial recreation of the settlement, giving locals and foreigners a unique chance to learn about life in prehistoric times. Enjoying the magnificent view and the unprecedented setting of this surreal archeological site, you will immerse yourself completely, losing track of everything else.
Bay Of Bones Museum From Above

When was Bay of Bones officially open?

Before the elaborate reconstruction of the original settlement, there were series of excavations near the Pestani region, several kilometers away from Ohrid. The archeological investigation took place between 1997 and 2005, during which a large number of excavated remains were discovered.

The findings point out to a massive settlement, supported by 10,000 wooden piles, each anchored to the lake bed. Learned guesses put the settlement at the very end of the Bronze Age, and the beginning of the Iron Age, effectively making it over 3000 years old.

Museum On Water

The reconstruction process was closely monitored by the director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office, Pasko Kuzman, and the museum on water officially opened on the 8th of December, 2008. The opening ceremony was supported by many people from the government, as well as the former prime minister, Nikola Gruevski.

Placed on a hill above the museum, there is another reconstruction of a small Roman military fortification, designed to bond the continuum. It is also part of the Ploca Micov Kamen archeological investigation site, testifying for the geographical importance of this location.

The name Bay of Bones, although coined to sound attractive, is actually fairly accurate. The excavation site provided a number of findings, among which were plenty of animal remains, and fragmented but well preserved vessels.

These findings point out to a highly developed settlement. A small prehistoric town, neatly constructed above the water, connected to land only by a number of small, but sturdy bridges.

The Bay of bones museum you are seeing today, though an accurate rendition, is only a partial reconstruction of the massive prehistoric complex.

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